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I sincerely apologize for the long absence, I would say it’s part of the “Building Process”

But i am back and even ready to give you expert tips based on our phenomenal products… “Wynkk”

Today’s discussion is the Lash Styles perfect for different Eye Shapes!!

When selecting Lash Styles it’s important to wear something flattering, enhancing the best features of your eyes!!

ROUND EYES: If you belong to this category then you definitely should stick to styles within 10-15mm average length… and our styles in SAVAGE, GAZE, LIMITLESS, WISHES are perfect for it!!

CAT EYES: This gorgeous eye shape requires asymmetrical lash designs, Styles short from the beginning then slightly longer towards the end!!
10-15mm length is also advised, in this case it serves a better purpose widening the eyes, giving it a magnificent look.
Our styles in FLAMES , GIVE DEM, DOLL, ABIGOLD is your best bet.

HOODED EYES: Such Beautiful Eyes requires subtle lashes, lengths from 8mm-10mm works perfectly. Nothing over top but naturally shaped lashes work fine

Our Styles in BEAUTIFIED, KISS ME , TEASE ME should be your options!!

ALMOND EYES: This category is similar to the CAT EYE SHAPE… a wider shaped look, bold and beautiful.

We highly recommend lashes that accentuate every feature of your eyes. Our Styles in TEASE ME, BAE, WISHES works perfectly .


We’ll be back to discuss other interesting and beautiful shapes!!

We hope this was helpful to you as we are here to serve you the Best Lash Collections !!

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