INVISIBLE: Eyelash adhesive that dries clear to keep your eye makeup perfect!
ECONOMICAL: One tiny drop is all you need for an entire lash, so a bottle lasts for a long time
CONVENIENT: This eyelash adhesive fits in your purse and is perfect for travel

EASY TO APPLY: Just squeeze a thin line of @wynkkbeauty adhesive along the lash band, wait 30 seconds and apply lash.
-It is easy to wear -Water Proof -The Long wait for Tackiness is over as it dries within 30secs
– Holds completely firm


This adhesive is 100% vegan and latex free????

Say good bye to allergic reactions from chemicals when applying or wearing strip lashes.

its simply perfect and easy to wear for your everyday look and holds PERFECTLY
WYNKKBEAUTY EYELASH ADHESIVE gives your lash options a wow factor…. The WYNKKBEAUTY eyelash adhesive comes in BLACK, WHITE & CLEAR ??


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